Unexpected Uses and Functions of a Knife

One can count on the unexpected uses of Damascus skinning knives, but here we will focus on simple knives usage and the unexpected functions performed by them. We know that knives are the best multi-use and functional tools which are so far available. Most of the people think and use them for the purpose of self-defense. On the other hand, there are different uses or you can say unexpected and surprising uses of knives. For the below-mentioned jobs, a simple knife is the best tool

To Whittle Wood

You can use a simple knife to whittle wood. It is one of the relaxing hobbies which can let you make interesting sculptures. You can use smaller knives for this task. Knives can do whittling task in the best way. You can whittle wood with any knife of any size!

Shaving and Digging

You will no longer need disposable razors to shave if you have a well-sharpened and precise knife. Small and well-sharpened knives can give you a clean as well as a close shave and you can look quite better as compared using razors for doing the shaving. This digging is an interesting thing which knives can do easily! Though knife itself cannot do this whole digging task efficiently. But at any time if you are trapped in a situation and you do not have a shovel for digging, then the alternate way will be to use a knife for this digging job to be done.

To Sterilize wounds

To sterilize wounds, you can use a red-hot knife, it is one effective way to sterilize any kind of wound. You might have seen this surprising use of knives in countless movies. Though it is safer to keep the first-aid kit in case of emergency. But if you forgot to bring it with you at any time and you have a small knife in your pocket then you can alternatively use it to sterilize wounds.

To clear bushes

To clear your path and bushes, a small knife can fulfill this job easily. Simple knives can hack through easily all bushes if there is a need! They can clear your way in minutes. Though a knife cannot clear all bushes likewise an ax can do this job, but you can still try on in the time of emergency. For more effective results, you can tie your knife with a long and strong stick so that an extended reach can be given to you.

Splitting wood and creating fire

To split wood, this technique is called “batoning,”. This technique can be done by using a knife. You will be wedging the blade right into a piece of wood, then you will be striking the spine exactly with another one piece of wood and this is how the splitting of wood will be carried out. If it is a dry wood, then your job will become easier.

You are now aware of the unexpected uses of knives and surprising and too the most unexpected uses of Damascus steel sword will be shared too.